Q. Do you go on walks and outings?
A. Yes we do! As often as we can. We visit the park, Waitrose, Byrons pool, the library alongside our annual trips to the seaside, botanical gardens and Shepreth. We love going out and about!

Q. Do you potty train children?
A. Yes we can help you to potty train your little one. We suggest you bring in lots of pants/knickers and trousers during the process and we have lots of tried and tested tips and tricks which will help your child succeed.

Q. Do you have a parents evening?
A. Yes we have a parents evening once a year where we invite parents to see their child’s keyworker and have a chat about their child’s progress. However we chat to parents daily and if you feel you would like a more private chat we will always ensure we can arrange this. We also send reports home 3 times a year.

Q. What kind of activities do you do in the baby room?
A. Everything! Foam play, painting, gloop, musical sessions, stories, baked bean play……..anything from the messy to the quiet…… there are a huge variety of activities for children to enjoy daily.

Q. Can we use cloth nappies?
A. Absolutely. All you need to do is provide the nappies and we will bag them up and send the nappies home for you to wash at the end of your child’s session.

Q. How will I know what my child has been doing in the day and how much they have eaten?
A. We feedback daily to parents verbally which is definitely the most important way. However you will also have a communication book that is completed every day which will include your child’s sleep, food, nappies and a little bit about what your child has enjoyed doing throughout their session. This will help stimulate chat at home with your children and also be there to look back on for information about food etc. You are also welcome to write in the communication book about things you have done at the weekend or new words your child has said and other bits and pieces you would like to share with us!

Q. Do you accept childcare vouchers?
A. Yes we do.

Q. Do you offer government funding for 3 year olds?
A. Yes. This is offered the term after your child turns 3 and we will give you all the necessary forms to complete.

Q. Can I breast feed my child?
A. Yes. We fully support breastfeeding. You are welcome to breastfeed your child when you drop off, collect or in the middle of the day if you wish to. We are happy for you to provide breast milk which we can store and defrost appropriately when needed for your child.

Q. My child has no proper routine, will this matter?
A. No not at all. All children are completely different. Some love routine and others differ from day to day. Also many things can affect children’s routine….starting nursery, teething, sleepless nights. We can go with the flow or try and stick with your routine you have at home, whichever suits you and your child best.

Q. My child is a fussy eater, do you cater for this?
A. Most children will try all sorts of foods at nursery that they may never eat at home! We will however work with you as parents to make sure that even the fussiest eaters do eat something throughout the day to ensure we have happy, healthy nourished children.

Q. My child forgets to drink.
A. We always make sure that children have water accessible to them throughout the whole day. Children always sit down to eat and children are always encouraged to drink at these times as well.