Sunshine Pre-School

Age: 3-5 years
Numbers: 24 children
Ration of staff: 1:8

We believe very strongly that a child’s work is in their play and all activities are fun, enjoyable and play based. In Sunshine’s room we ensure that the children are involved in choosing what activities they would like to do and always focus on the children’s interests.

Sunshine’s have access to lots of messy activities painting, gluing, play dough, and
foam. Anything completely messy they love! These activities help fine motor skills. Other activities include cognitive play. These involve jigsaws, the computer, instruments, threading and activities that help to think, reason and understand. There are two adult led activities a day and two circle times which cover a wide variety of experiences. Letter and number learning, telling each other stories and playing the memory games! All these experiences encourage independent choice.

Outside play is encouraged and the children love going out in all weather. Splashing in muddy puddles is a firm favourite. Outside there is range of equipment and activities to promote children’s independence, choice and a range of activities from playing pirate on the ship, to hospitals, garages, writing, painting, stories and much much more!