New Parents






As a nursery we believe in creating a warm and caring ‘family’ atmosphere. We want every child to come through our doors with confidence. In order to do this we provide a place to play, explore, learn and experience a wide range of exciting and creative opportunities. Each child is valued as an individual through a flexible and caring learning environment.

Open to all
Rainbow has an all inclusive admissions policy and allows everybody who wants to attend a place if there is availability. We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that all children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation of their parents. Everyone is always welcome at Rainbow!

Take a look around
We encourage all families to come and have a look around the nursery before their child starts at Rainbow. This gives an opportunity for you to ask questions, get a ‘feel’ for the place and meet some of the staff and see what the children get up to!

Settling in
When your little one starts at Rainbow we invite you to come to some settling in sessions to ease you and your child into starting nursery. We arrange these visits at mutually convenient times. The best times of day are when your children are happy, awake and usually playing, we try and avoid nap times and food times.

On your first visit you and your child will stay and play in the room, meet your child’s keyworker and have the opportunity to chat about your child’s likes and dislikes, routines they have at home, when they nap, when they like their milk, what stories and songs they like and what toys and activities they enjoy at home. This visit allows you and your child to start building the friendships that will evolve with staff and the children in the room.

Your second visit is for 2 hours. We encourage you to stay and settle your child, leave for about an hour, and then return and have a little play when you come to collect them. This helps children learn that you will always come back. It is important to bring some comforters for your child, a dummy, muslin, favourite toy or even a top that smells of mummy or daddy! This visit is sometimes the hardest as it can often be the first time you have left your child. Please do not worry, we do expect a few tears (from kiddies and parents!) this is to be expected and we will do everything we can to help you. Parents often find it easier to come and have a cuppa and a chat in the office rather than leaving the building so you are to hand if your child needs you.

Your final visit is for another 2 hours where your child will stay and play in the room. Parents are again encouraged to leave your child on this visit. Please remember the comforters/familiar things for children to help settle them and please feel free to come to the office for a chat again if you would like to.

Before you know it your child will be running into nursery without saying goodbye and you will be having a friendly chat with staff about what your getting up to at the weekend! We have great relationships with all of our parents and children and we hope you quickly feel part of the Rainbow family.

A family atmosphere
We are a very family friendly nursery and like to involve you in lots of events such as family fun days, tea parties, picnics, outing and events.